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The only place where you can get more than just a boring rank on a league. The rewards will increase when the amount of teams increases. So invite all the teams and players you know!

We try to make the site as user friendly and interesting as possible. If you have a cool idea drop us a note by mailing one of the admins.

Visit us at: #ProLeague on QuakeNet

Top 3 International

Rank Name Rating
1 Lykan.pl Poland 1490
2 ZABEK_ROCKS Poland 1426
3 LamaS Poland 1425

Top 3 United States

Rank Name Rating
1 h|M- [1.5 Only] United States 1000
2 The Killing Crew [1.5] United States 1000
3 Freestyle Death United States 936


14 Aug 2006 13:28
ProLeague International

ProLeague.org is now officially inactive. The main reasons behind this are the lack of time of the founder (Chr1sje) and the lack of interest in ladder competition. The site will stay online and all the data will remain on the site! However, we will not be accepting new teams anymore. There is a possibility we will restart ProLeague.org in the future but until that day all support will be inactive. We would like to thank our users and also our main admins for making it a great experience for us all!

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21 Jul 2005 2:52
ProLeague International

If you want to join proleague with your team, just make sure you've got a correct website (with a minimum of 3 members on it). If you don't have one your request to join us will be declined.

By synth - 13 comments Show comments

21 May 2005 13:00
ProLeague International

Today we have found a new prize sponsor! Our old sponsor Fragmania.net couldn't manage sponsoring us anymore. We would like to thank them for their help! We are now being sponsored by iGeneration (the same company that developed ProLeague). The prize servers are devided as follows:

International Nr 1: 12 slots closed server
International Nr 2: 12 slots closed server
International Nr 3: 12 slots closed server
Netherlands Nr 1: 12 slots closed server
Sweden Nr 1: 12 slots closed server

For more information check out the servers page.

We hope to add more prizes in the near future!

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