Too many! 2 Jan 2005 at 17:21
ProLeague International

Hello Everyone at proleague.

Lately we have been overwhelmed by Polish team requests. Altho this situation is great for the community, it also has its bad side.

Nearly 70% of the team requests we receive from you Polish teams are incorrect in some way. we already have over 1000 teams in the Polish ladder with more and more requests to join it, it has been tuff to accept or decline teams for it.

We now urge Polish teams to make sure everything you are signing up with is correct, in order and ready for admins to take a look at when team request is submitted. if you cant remember the exact rules for signing up are. here they are:

- Your team must have a site
- Your team name must be on the site
- Your team members must be on the site
- Your team should not be registered yet on ProLeague

And please remember that this is not just for polish teams. it is REQUIRED for all teams from every country that sign up.

Thank you

By sop

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vtx admin
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9 Jan 2005 at 17:29

Yes you are right.
We are bussy with coding a script for it.

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7 Jan 2005 at 23:45

I have got a litle sugestion. In Polish league there is so many teams that are not "active", the clans are dead, teams are duplicated etc. Dont U think that it would be helpful when those teams after a specific period of time would be deleted or somethink like that? I know that some people say: he`s crazy but it is very hard to shedule any match in Polish League. Polish ladder is a little unreadable - opaque. I think that it would be nicely to look at the ladder if it will be cleaner. Greetings !!

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5 Jan 2005 at 20:36


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2 Jan 2005 at 17:23

I agree on that and if we find duplicates of a team or fake matches then you will be kicked