Global rules

·                     Sportsmanship and fair play of the participating players and teams are expected at all times. Some rules may lose their value by this main rule.

·                     ProLeague is an international site so english is the main language. Text in other a languages will be removed.

·                     Cheating in any form is NOT allowed.

·                     When a fake match is discovered, both teams involved will be removed from ProLeague along with the fake match.

·                     Not knowing the rules is never a valid excuse for not following them.

Reward rules

In order to collect a reward you have to meet these requirements:
- The team should have at least 5 members registered on ProLeague.
- The team should play a 5on5 at least once a month.
- The team should have accepted at least 20% of the incoming challenges.

Match rules

·                     Contact your opponent at least a few minutes before the match.

·                     If the opponent isn't online or doesn't respond within 15 minutes later than the match-time you win by forfeit (score 1-0 in your favour).

·                     All matches are played using the MaxRounds 12 or 15 scoring system.

·                     A match is played on one or two maps, both teams get to choose their own map.

·                     A knive round will determine which team can choose its side to play first.

·                     Each map will be played one time as CT and one time as T.

·                     2on2/3on3/4on4/5on5/6on6 matches are allowed in the ProLeague ladders. All matches that are played with a different teamsize will be cancelled.

·                     All players of a match should be registered on ProLeague.

·                     All matches should be played on secure servers (servers that have Valve Anti-Cheat running). To check if a server is secure or not, type 'status' in the console while connected. Only when a server has the Cheating-Death plugin installed it is allowed to be insecure.

·                     All match rules can be altered even if the match is accepted but only if the 2 teams agree on it. (Only the leader and/or a trustee can speak for the team)

·                     Using a freelancer in a match will result in a forfeit loss.

·                     Once a match has started, its result counts, unless both sides agree it shouldn't. Ping or lag issues are no excuse for leaving; you should have checked the server before you started playing.


Optional rules

·                     Version: 1.6 is the standard version. If you wish to play the older version select 1.5.

·                     SteamID: All players are expected to have filled in their SteamIDs correctly.

·                     Demos: If this option is checked, all players must record demos from the whole match (both CT and T from each map). In case of a conflict, both teams may request upto the matchsize – 1 number of demos per map from the other team. Demos should be kept until the result has been accepted on ProLeague. If either team decides to request demos in case of a conflict they must also explain their reasons for doing so. If HLTV demos are available either team can decide to upload those instead of ineye demos.

·                     Cheating Death: All players will be expected to have C-D running without problems before the match starts. Valve Anti Cheat has to be deactived.

Server setting

All matches are played with the following server settings (download config).
- pausable 1
- allow_spectators 1
- mp_buytime 0.25
- mp_roundtime 1.75
- mp_friendly_grenade_damage 1
- mp_friendlyfire 1
- mp_c4timer 35
- mp_freezetime 4
- mp_forcechasecam 2
- mp_forcecamera 2
- mp_fadetoblack 0
- mp_footsteps 1
- mp_flashlight 1
- mp_autocrosshair 0
- mp_limitteams 0
- mp_logfile 1
- mp_logmessages 1
- mp_autoteambalance 0
- mp_autokick 0
- mp_tkpunish 0
- mp_hostagepenalty 0
- mp_startmoney 800
- mp_timelimit 0
- mp_maxrounds 0
- sv_aim 0
- sv_cheats 0
- sv_maxspeed 320
- sv_gravity 800
- sv_airmove 1
- sv_airaccelerate 10
- sv_clienttrace 1

Miscellaneous rules

·                     It's not allowed to buy and/or use the shield (as the shield might cause bugs).

·                     If a player drops because of a technical error the match should be paused at the end of the round. The max time to pause the game is 5 minutes. If one team has paused the match for a total of more than 5 minutes, the other team may demand that the match continues without waiting for the missing player(s).

·                     Substituting players is only allowed when changing sides or maps and may not take longer than 5 minutes.

·                     If all the players on one team drops because of technical error, the other team should wait at least 5 minutes before leaving the server.

·                     If one team willingly leaves the server before the match is finished, the team that stayed will win the remaining rounds.

·                     If the server crashes before 5 rounds of a map has been played, the map will be replayed from the start. If it crashes after the 5th round has finished, the remaining rounds will be played with mp_startmoney set to 3500.

·                     If a server crashes more than 1 time during a match, either team may demand a serverchange.

·                     If at least 50% of the players has a ping (latency) higher than 100 ms either team may demand a serverchange.

·                     Spectators are not allowed.

·                     A HLTV proxy cannot be refused, but it must be set to at least 30 seconds delay and both teams should have access to it.

Cheating & bugs

·                     ProLeague is against cheating. Everyone who is caught cheating will be permanently banned from the site and added to blacklists.

·                     ProLeague’s definition of a cheat: a bug, script or program that gives a player an unfair advantage over the other players.

·                     Because there are always things that are 'on the edge' we will handle a few:
Throwing grenades/flashbangs/smokes over walls
On top of any kind of crate
Not allowed:
- Custom models and skins (with exception of the high FPS models)
- Custom map textures
- Any sort of bug exploiting
- Moving inside walls or the sky or abusing map bugs
- Upper ledges of maps (close to the roof of the level)
- S
ilent plant

Conflict rules

·                     Always try to solve the problem with your opponent first before you make a conflict (if not you lose the conflict)

·                     The side that initiates the match conflict must explain the problem in a clear and polite way. Failure to do so will lead to an automatic and immediate loss of the conflict. Links to screenshots and demos should be included right away if relevant.

·                     Name calling, insults and random accusations in the comments can all lead to the automatic loss of the conflict.

·                     Use these rules to win a conflict. Other arguements will be ignored.

·                     Provide us as much as evidence as you can of the opponent breaking the rules and post it on the site.

·                     If you suspect another team of cheating then you must have evidence and you must present it immediately. Conflicts based on alleged cheating but without clear evidence will be lost automatically and immediately.

·                     Examples of valid evidence are demos, in-game screenshots and server logs that were obtained from a neutral party. Private logs from IRC, ICQ, etc. will not be considered to be evidence because they can easily be falsified.

·                     If a demo is used as proof of cheating, you must immediately specify the exact moment(s) (down to the exact minute and second) where the cheating is proven or the conflict will be lost automatically and immediately. Admins will not look at entire demos.

·                     It is strictly forbidden to contact the admin handling the conflict in private to defend your case. Anything you have to say must be said openly. Trying to influence the admin in private will lead to automatic loss of the case.